Dusk Peterson (duskpeterson) wrote in pg13_love,
Dusk Peterson

A prisonfic smorgasbord: original gen, slash, bisexual, asexual, and het

Author: Dusk Peterson.
Where to find me: Website, DW/IJ/LJ/list.
Fandom: My Turn-of-the-Century Toughs 'verse. You don't need to have read any of the previous stories to understand these.
Category: Original fiction. Historical fantasy.
Length: Short stories.
Feedback: Yes, please.
Warnings: Boilerplate warning for all my stories.


In the Silence (Life Prison)

The prisoner can't speak. He can barely see. He experiences only fear and the faint whispers of something he had once known.

But an intruder into his secure retreat from danger will pull him into awareness of what stands before him. What stands there is renewed danger. . . and the hope of something more.

¶ PG-13; gen/slash; e-book.

Images came, like flickers of a candle: Dark stones. Dark metal. Faint fire. A spoon in his hand, as someone urged him to eat. A stinking pit that he knew he was duty-bound to fill. A loom nearby that he vaguely remembered he had once known how to work, but which now stood as silent as the rest of his world.


Cell-mates (Life Prison)

Sentenced to life in prison, Tyrrell didn't have many opportunities for bed-play . . . unless he could count what the guards did to him as "play." So his future seemed brighter when he was paired with a cell-mate he'd been eyeing for a long time with affection and lust.

If only Tyrrell could keep from becoming his cell-mate's latest murder victim . . .

PG-13; gen/slash/het; asexual and bisexual characters; e-book.

They had to settle the issue of sex first.


Never (The Eternal Dungeon)

She was attending the ball at the palace to dance. That was all. Which made it annoying to face a proposal of marriage from a guard who was distinctly not the sort of man she would ever consider marrying. Certainly not.

It was even more annoying to find that she kept thinking about the man. Why would she want to continue to speak to a guard who rudely implied that she led a frivolous life?

And why oh why were all the balls in the capital suddenly so boring?

¶ PG; het/gen; 50 Darkfics challenge; e-book and online fiction.

He had not seemed a threat at first, even after it became apparent that he was attending as an honored guest. He had no fortune, his face was pleasant but nothing to boast about, and he said not a word about his deeds, though he might easily have done so, with the Queen's medal of honor glittering upon his chest.

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