Dusk Peterson (duskpeterson) wrote in pg13_love,
Dusk Peterson

FIC: Green Ruin (The Eternal Dungeon; original gen/het/slash)


Title: Green Ruin.
Author: Dusk Peterson.
Where to find me: Website, DW/IJ/LJ/list.
Series: The Eternal Dungeon, an award-winning historical fantasy series set in a land where the psychologists wield whips.
Categories: Original gen/het/slash. Friendship. Flangst. Humor.
Length: Short story (5,000 words).
Feedback: Yes, please.
Rating: PG-13.
Warnings: Drinking. Boilerplate warning for all my stories.
Note: You can read the story as part of the free PDF zine Wanderlust: A Travel Anthology, edited by T. Spoon for The Slash Pile. The story is also available for sale as HTML and Kindle e-books
Summary: Three guards and a mysterious substance provide a temptation too great to be missed . . . especially when two torturers add their skills to the mix. Soon three very different men – a married man who is committed to respect and honor, a bachelor harboring secret desires, and a soldier with an unfulfilled ambition – will find themselves caught in a trap. Their rescue will come from an unexpected quarter.

During the dawn hours at the Eternal Dungeon, as the day shift yawned itself awake and the night shift yawned itself to bed, the talk turned, as it always did, to the injustices of being a guard.

Plus, two recent e-books:

Isolation (Life Prison). A prisoner's life takes an unexpected turn when he learns he may be able to play a role in changing conditions the harsh conditions at Mercy Life Prison. To do so will mean risking what remains of his life, as well as turning away from the only life he has known. What reward can he hope to receive in exchange for such a sacrifice? ¶ PG-13; gen, within a gen/slash series; historical fantasy; prisonfic.

Curious (Life Prison). Backbiting, threats, violent encounters, forbidden desires played out at night and in stark daylight . . . all this Ulick must face in his new job as a prison guard. At the center of the maelstrom lies Merrick, a foul-mouthed prisoner with a notorious reputation. But behind Merrick stands another man, hidden in the shadows, and Ulick's future depends on what that man wants of him. ¶ PG-13; gen/slash; historical fantasy; prisonfic.

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