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Dusk Peterson

FIC: Coded Messages (Original Fiction)

Title: Coded Messages.
Author: Dusk Peterson (author's Website and author's community LJ).
Series: Life Prison, a historical fantasy series about male desire and determination in Victorian prisons. You can understand this story without having read the previous story in the series.
Category: Original fiction. Main plot: Male platonic feelings. Subplots: Male platonic feelings and male homoerotic attraction.
Rating: PG-13 for references to (but not descriptions of) sex and violence.
Summary: One of them rapes prisoners. The other wants to help prisoners. So why are they talking to each other?
Note: Comments are disabled because there's a link at the end of the story to a LiveJournal blog where you – and members of other LJ communities where this notice is posted – may post comments.

"Sweet blood, Tom, sometimes I wonder at your innocence. Why do you think that your prisoners were sent to Compassion? It wasn't for lacing daisy chains."

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